Heart Lung Machine:

During the extracorporeal circulatory bypass, the venous blood is drained (by gravity) into a reservoir and pumped through a blood oxygenator and into the patient through a tube connected to the arterial circulation. Blood which seeps to the operating field can be returned to the patient using auxiliary pumps. The patient body temperature can be controlled by selectively cooling or heating the blood through a heat exchanger. In the 5 th generation, the InCor heart lung machine was built with technology developed in Brazil and consists of:


a) Battery Operation¹

b) Hydraulic System

c) Peristaltic Pump

d) Thermostat

e) Blood Reservoir Illumination

f) Timers

¹Test condition: auxiliary pump at 30 RPM, arterial pump at 100 RPM, output pressure of 400 mmHg and illumination turned on.